Giving Circle of HOPE Member Survey, March 2016

Pencils.The Giving Circle of HOPE conducted a survey of its members spanning a variety of topics. Forty-nine members responded, which is an excellent rate of return as the current membership total is around 100. Many thanks go to Linda Strup for leading the survey effort, tabulating and analyzing the results.

Please see the individual questions and their detailed results in the survey results of 2016.

Here is a snapshot of what the Guiding Circle learned. Percentages are rounded to whole numbers.

  1. Is participation in SERVICE important to your membership in the GCH? 88% said yes.
  2. Are you interested in any of the following new SERVICE activities? 79% said they would likeĀ  “done in a day” activities and 66% wished to volunteer with one of our nonprofit partners.
  3. Do you currently volunteer for another nonprofit or serve on a nonprofit board? 67% said yes.
  4. Is participation in EDUCATION important to your membership in the GCH? 76% said yes.
  5. Are you interested in any of the following EDUCATIONAL activities? 88% want to hear from grantee speakers at meetings and 83% favor topic discussions about local needs, philanthropy in general, or social issues.
  6. If you are interested in TOPICAL DISCUSSIONS, which forum do you prefer? Even split between seminar or roundtable held in the daytime versus in the evening.
  7. Is participation in SOCIAL EVENTS important to your membership in the GCH? Nearly a 50/50 split with 53% saying yes and 47% no.
  8. Would you be interested in any of the following SOCIAL EVENTS? 66% for picnics and for dinners. 52% for movies.
  9. What type of information do you want to receive from the GCH in our regular COMMUNICATIONS? 90% want to hear about grantees. 78% want opportunities to support GCH and local nonprofits.
  10. What are your preferred ways to hear from the GCH? 84% would like a personal email.
  11. How often do you want to hear from the GCH? 78% want a summary and most want that summary to be monthly.
  12. How did you find out about the GCH? 71% heard about us from a friend.
  13. What appeals to you most about the GCH? 88% believe it is the opportunity to make a greater impact with their giving. 73% favor the GCH because the grant money stays in our local community. 71% appreciate learning about local needs and nonprofits.
  14. If you miss a meeting, is it because you …. 81% said it is due to a conflicting commitment.
  15. Do you feel adequately included in the decision-making direction of the GCH? 90% said yes.

As the Guiding Circle moves your responses into action items, a few are already underway.

  • We are incorporating special as well as ongoing volunteer opportunities on our website, Facebook Page, and Twitter.
  • We are seeking “done in a day” efforts with our nonprofit partners.
  • We are continuing to have our grantees attend and speak at GCH quarterly meetings.
  • We are looking at where the GCH quarterly meetings are held.
  • We are incorporating updates on our grantees and opportunities to help our grantees on our Facebook Page and Twitter.
  • We are growing our LinkedIn Company Page to curate and share information about philanthropy, trends in giving, and social issues in our community.
  • We appreciate your interest in a personal connection with the GCH and intend to incorporate that into how we communicate with you.

Thank you for participating in the survey. If you have any questions or wish to talk about any area further, please let us know.