Application Process and Timeline

Application Process.

2017 Collective Grants Timeline

Week of November 13 Selection and notification of 2017 grantees.

See the 2017 Collective Grants calendar for more details.

Application Documents & Tips

2017 Collective Grants

We support projects that are highly collaborative, engage with others and provide a lasting impact.

Mission Areas Chosen for 2017 Collective Grants. The Grants Committee reviewed mission areas of 2016 grantees selected by voting members as well as grantee selections made since 2011. Three out of four grantees selected share common missions related to Poverty Escape/Relief and to Health Mental Health and Aging. In light of historical voting member preferences, and in line with available Giving Circle funding and volunteers needed for grant review, the 2017 Collective Grant Process accepts only applications which support two Mission Areas as defined below:

Health, Mental Health and Aging includes:
• Crisis Services related to Abuse (e.g., Substance and Domestic Violence, Health, Mental Health)
• Disabilities and Special Needs
• Elderly Services
• Mental Health
• People with Disabilities
• Dental/Medical/Pharmaceutical Services

Poverty Relief includes:
• English Language Proficiency/Literacy (All Ages)
• Ex-Offender Re-Entry
• Eviction/Foreclosure Assistance;
• Housing/Shelter
• Job Training/Workforce Development

Please note that these target mission areas are being piloted for the 2017 grant cycle and will be reassessed for 2018.

Mission Areas NOT ELIGIBLE for funding in 2017

Child, Youth Development and Education

  • Academic Achievement
  • After School/Summer Programs
  • Arts Programs
  • Early Childhood Education Programs
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring/Service Learning/Tutoring

Poverty Relief

  • Emergency Assistance Food
  • Emergency Assistance Non-Food


In addition to targeting grant applications to mission areas of greatest interest to Giving Circle of HOPE voting members, the Grant Committee simplified our grant application and process. We want to reduce burden on applicants while re-aligning our 2017 Collective Grant Application, where possible, with other grant applications currently being used by other funders in our area. Changes include:

  • Part 1 – A streamlined Cover Sheet requesting summary information about the organization and the grant request
  • Part 2 – No more than 2 page Narrative on the Proposed Project or Capacity Building Effort
  • Part 3 – Limited Number of Requested Attachments

We are happy to talk with you. Please call 703-665-9334 or email our Grants Co-Chairs, Sheila Morris and Donna Whitaker, at