2016 Tips for Writing Successful Applications

  1. Follow the directions. Answer the questions in the order listed for each Part and label each response. Respond only to what is asked.
    • Part A – Information about Your Submission
    • Part B – Information about Your Organization
    • Part C – Information about Your Project or Capacity Building (CBE) Grant Request
    • Part D – Attachments to Your Grant Application
  2. Communicate with us. When in doubt, ask for clarification. Make sure you understand what is expected. We are happy to help. Email grants@givincircleofhope.org.
  3. Be creative, clear, concise, and accurate. Make the case for your proposal in your own unique way, but include precise data. Avoid technical jargon as GCH volunteer reviewers may not speak your “language.”
  4. Emphasize what your organization will do. Spend more time describing your project than the issue or your organization. Economize content and avoid repetition. Less is more.
  5. Evaluation counts. Tell us what you want to learn and evaluate, as well as the assessment tools that you will use to evaluate your project (e.g., records, surveys, interviews, pre‐ and post‐tests).
  6. Proofread carefully. Make sure numbers add up and typos are removed. Double-check your (and our) organization’s name. Stay within the required word count.
  7. Seriously, proofread! If your proposal has been adapted for multiple funders, make sure you omit other funder’s names as well as previous requests. Spellcheckers do not always catch the correct use of words.

Good luck!