Giving Circle of HOPE (GCH) Grant Application 2017

Critical 2017 Collective Grants Update: Omission of Sub-Category “Job-Training and Workforce Development” under Focus Area Poverty Relief. Job Training and Workforce Development was listed as an eligible target in the guidelines in our June 23, 2017 briefing but was inadvertently omitted from the 2017 Grant Application below. We apologize for the omission. The needed correction has been made below.

Deadline: Must be received by 5pm on Friday July 21, 2017.

Eligibility: Confirm your organization meets GCH Eligibility and Criteria.

Submission: Electronic copy to Hard copies will not be processed.

Format: 12 point Times Roman font with one inch margins on all sides.

GCH reserves the right to reject a grant application for any reason, including missed deadline or incomplete information.

PART 1. COVER SHEET: Please date.


  1. Name of Submitting Organization & Contact Info including full address, mailing address if different, telephone number & website address.
  2. CEO or Executive Director. Include name, title, email address, telephone number.
  3. Contact Person including name, title, email address, and telephone number.
  4. Federal tax-exempt number as a 501(c) (3) organization of the Internal Revenue Code.
  5. Total Organization Financial Budget excluding in-kind services. (Eligibility Criteria: Must be less than $2 million.)
  6. Signature of Executive Director or other authorizing official certifying the correctness of this grant application.


  1. Mission Statement.
  2. Describe how you carry out your mission.
  3. Describe population served.
  4. Is your Board a “working” board or a “governance” board?
  5. Describe the most significant collaborations and partnerships with other entities in your field or geographic area.


  1. Primary Grant Focus Area must be one of the two areas listed below. List one Focus Area and the applicable Sub-Category(s) within.
    • Health, Mental Health and Aging. Includes:
      1) Crisis Services related to Abuse (e.g., Substance and Domestic Violence, Health, Mental Health);
      2) Disabilities and Special Needs;
      3) Elderly Services;
      4) Mental Health;
      5) People with Disabilities;
      6) Dental/Medical/Pharmaceutical Services.
    • Poverty Relief. Includes:
      1) English Language Proficiency/Literacy;
      2) Ex-Offender Re-Entry;
      3) Eviction/Foreclosure Assistance;
      4) Housing/Shelter;
      5) Job-Training and Workforce Development.
  2. Grant Type Requested. Choose Project or Capacity Building Effort (CBE).
  3. Grant Name.
  4. Number of clients to be served and who they are.
  5. Geographic Area Served. Choose among:
    • Counties of: Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William
    • Cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas, Manassas Park
    • All of Northern Virginia
  6. Grant Purpose. Provide a one sentence summary of this funding request.
  7. Dollar Amount Requested. Applicants may request grants up to $7,000.
  8. Budget for your Project or CBE. (Eligibility Criteria: Cannot exceed $70,000.)


Exceeding two pages double spaced with one inch margins will result in disqualification.
A. Problem or Need Addressed.

  • If applying for a Project Grant: What need are you meeting? How do you know this need exists? Tell us what evidence (data and sources) documents this need.
  • If applying for a CBE Grant: What organizational need are you meeting? Why will it be successful at this time? How will it benefit your organization’s mission and vision in the short run? The long run?

B. Proposed Solutions to the need and problem you have identified.

C. Implementation Plan.

  • If applying for a Project Grant, also answer:  What is program time & frequency?

D. Committed Results and Methods for Measuring.

  • If applying for Project Grant: What measurable outcomes do you expect your clients to experience? How will you measure each?
  • If applying for a CBE Grant: Describe the desired outcome you expect on your organization’s performance? How will you measure it?


Submit electronically in PDF file format.

  1. 990 Form: Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax or IRS Form-990N (E-Postcard)
  2. Current year organizational budget, including complete personnel budget and both revenues and expenses.
    Note: if your umbrella organization’s budget is over $2M, you must demonstrate that you are financially independent by providing your own 501(c)(3) status.
  3. CBE or Project Budget (No more than one page).
  4. Board of Directors including terms, occupations, and places of employment.