Outcomes of the 2015 Collective Grant Awards

The Giving Circle of HOPE granted a total of $59,050 in Collective Grants to 9 nonprofit organizations in 2015. Rigorous in our post-grant award evaluations, here is what happened with each nonprofit partner’s project or capacity building effort (CBE).

We expect to receive reports on the outcomes of the funded 2016 grant projects and capacity building efforts in the fall of 2017. Those outcomes will be provided to you at that time.

Reading to children.

Grantee: All Ages Read Together (AART)
Project: Pre-School Readiness
Amount Awarded: $5,050
Purpose: checkmark.There are two goals:
1. Improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged students.
2. Enhance quality of life for seniors at Herndon Senior Center.
Outcome: Ten children enrolled in AART.  Five are going to kindergarten: 4 showed significant improvement  and 1 had serious comprehension problems. Five younger children showed great improvement in language skills, letter recognition, spelling their names etc. Staff also worked with parents on ways to help prepare their children for kindergarten at home.

Every 9 Seconds A Woman Is Beaten In the U.S.

Grantee: Bethany House of Northern Virginia (BHNV)
Project: Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program
Amount Awarded: $7,000
Purpose: checkmark.BHNV Rental and Utility Assistance Program provided emergency rent and utility assistance to women currently enrolled in BHNV’s two-year Aftercare Program. Each woman demonstrated a financial crisis.
Outcome: 25 women were directly affected. 37 children were indirectly served.

Centreville Immigration Forum.

Grantee: Centreville Immigration Forum
Project: Labor Resource Skills Training
Amount Awarded: $7,000
Purpose: checkmark. Job development and skills training classes in areas of high- employment needs. Sixteen workers were trained to be qualified in painting and drywall. Five people learned carpentry skills. Six workers completed a 3-hour OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) on-the-job safety training.
Outcome: 27 persons were affected directly. Most of these trained workers were employed in their skills areas post-training.

Grace Ministries Certified Nurse Aide Program.

Grantee: GRACE Ministries of the United Methodist Church
Project: Certified Nurse Aide/ CNA training program
Amount Awarded: $5,000
Purpose: checkmark.Certified Nurse Aide/ CNA training program for low-income, immigrant students. $2,500 was designated for the Skills Lab instructional costs.  $2,500 provided a $250 scholarship for ten, very low-income students in the class.  Students in the class were from Panama, Nepal, Colombia, Korea, Kenya, Bolivia, Peru, Morocco, and the USA.
Outcome: 15 students graduated from the program and were immediately hired.

Literacy Council of Northern Virginia.

Grantee: Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
Project: Herndon Family Learning Program
Amount Awarded: $7,000
Purpose: checkmark.Learning English was taught to children and their low-income, immigrant parents in a supportive classroom environment. They emphasized the goal of parents increasing their involvements in their children’s educational activities.  Their survey showed a 91% increased involvement in their children’s education.
Outcome: 77 people were affected directly.

Lorton Community Action Center.

Grantee: Lorton Community Action Center
Project: Basic and Graduate Classes in Nutrition
Amount Awarded: $7,000
Purpose: checkmark.Nutrition classes educated client families on healthy eating, preparation of healthy meals, budget shopping and implementing the knowledge gained into their household meals.  Two services were provided:
1. Two, six-week Basic Nutrition courses each year.  Number served was 25 households.
2. Five, one-session Graduate Nutrition courses for those successfully completing the Basic Nutrition course. This course impacted 20 households.
Outcome: 41 families affected directly.  153 individuals affected indirectly.

Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) of Arlington.

Grantee: OAR: Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington Co.
Project: Employment Assistance Services
Amount Awarded: $7,000
Purpose: checkmark. OAR provided employment services to individuals returning home after incarceration. Obtaining employment with previous criminal convictions is extremely difficult and a huge barrier to success post release.  They begin the employment training pre-release to help clients prepare a resume, practice interviewing skills, apply for jobs online and practice how they will discuss their previous criminal convictions in an interview.  Professional clothing to clients is provided.
Outcome63 clients were served. 17 secured employment.

Offender Aid and Restoration of Fairfax.

Grantee: OAR Fairfax: Offender Aid and Restoration
Project: Design and printing of the SMART Employment Readiness Program Student Workbooks and Instructor Manuals.
Amount Awarded: $7,000
Purpose: checkmark.OAR Fairfax created a county-wide employment curriculum for community members who are seeking employment but have one or more significant barriers to employment, such as: a criminal background, housing insecurity, long-term unemployment, or low educational attainment.
Outcome: This employment project was a collaborative project between 10 organizations. All 10 organizations have copies of the student workbooks and instructor manuals.

Our Daily Bread.

Grantee: Our Daily Bread, Inc.
Project: Mentor Training Classes for At-risk Pregnant Women and New Mothers.
Amount Awarded: $7,000
Purpose: checkmark.Trained mentor referrals were made to 30 pregnant and newly parenting women. Mentors reminded and facilitated pre-natal and post-natal medical visits. They also facilitated well-baby/toddler visits for children of clients up to 3 years old. They encouraged bonding and breastfeeding. Mentors promoted reading aloud to all children. A minimum of 3 books were given to all clients.
Outcome: 36 people were affected directly. 37 were affected indirectly.