About Us

Hands and Winston Churchill quote.

This quotation provided inspiration to our Founders and continues to guide our giving circle.

Like all giving circles, the Giving Circle of HOPE awards annual grants to exceptional nonprofits. But, from the very beginning, a commitment was made to do more than give. Service is an equally important component of the Giving Circle of HOPE and members are encouraged to propose ideas that the Circle can help bring to fruition. Through grants, service, and educational events, we learn about local needs, broader social issues, and potential solutions.

We also believe that giving and serving should have a social aspect to build community within our Circle and with our community partners. Therefore, our motto is, “Fun With a Purpose!” and we plan events to encourage relationship-building. In the service arena, we respect the dignity of those we serve and prefer to work with them and not just for them.

Our core values include service, respect, warmth, excellence, transparency, leadership, and collaboration. We are an all-volunteer organization and keep our administrative expenses to an absolute minimum.

New members are always welcome. We encourage you to Get Involved.