A special thank you to all who have donated in 2017 to the Giving Circle of HOPE!

Lisa Aquilino
Karen Baer*
Rebecca Berntsen*
Aquina Buehrig
Grant Buehrig
Maxine Chiavetta*
Susan Cooper*
Judith Crosley
Peggy Cressy*
Diane Dubois*
Cindy Dwyer*
Kathy Fedge*
Vera Fessler
Cheryl Freeman
Kathy Fruge
Kari Galloway*
Jacquie Garland*
Karen Gentemann
Virginia Glenn*
Patricia Gould*
Charles Greco*
Janine Greenwood*
Tamarin Hannon*
Richard Harkey
Josie Hertz-Ackerman*
Martha Hill*
Anne Hochstrasser*
Patty Holley*
Skipper Joyce*
Joan Kasprowicz*
Poornima Koka*
Hey-Jin Kong*
Sara Leonard*
Amy McGlynna
Evelyn Mercantini*
Sheila Morris*
Mary Narayan
Lynn O’Connell*
Lydia Patrick*
Elizabeth Plant*
Dominique Poirer*
Nancy Popovich*
Roz Rakoff*
Suzanne Rebick
Kelly Ritchey
Ed Robichaud*
Cynthia Shanahan*
Edward Shanahan*
Dale Sheldon
Joyce Skipper*
Linda Strup*
Victoria Stuppy*
Daria Teutonico*
Dale Theurer*
Rosemary Theurer*
Dan Vitiello*
Linda Waters*
David Weiss*
Suzanne Weiss*
Donna Whitaker*
Tom Whitaker*
Jane Williams*
Susan Williams
Lauren Wong
Jean Wyman*

This listing is current as of August 1, 2017.
* indicates those who have donated at the Voting Member level of $415 or more and can vote for recipients of Giving Circle of HOPE grants. Contributions must be received by October 31 in order to vote for this year’s grant recipients.