Governance working group.

The Giving Circle of HOPE is governed by a Guiding Circle comprised of nine positions:
  1. Chair of Governance – Set agendas and preside at meetings, lead the Guiding Circle in creating and updating strategy and policy for the Circle, oversee the Nominating and Governance Sub-Circles
  2. Vice Chair of Governance – Share responsibilities with the Chair of Governance, ensure that an annual financial audit is conducted, succeed Chair at the end of his/her term
  3. Chair of Finance – Develop a financial strategy, prepare donation reminders, budgets and financial statements, keep records of contributions, communicate with the CFNV, oversee the Corporate Sponsors Sub-Circle
  4. Chair of Communications – Develop a communications plan and budget, oversee all internal and external communications, GCH publications and materials, Website & Social Media Coordinator
  5. Chair of Records – Develop an Archive strategy and budget, ensure preparation, distribution, and filing of Quarterly, Guiding Circle, and Sub-Circle minutes, maintain an electronic repository for all records, manage database
  6. Chair of Programs – Develop Education and Service strategy and budgets, support current service programs and help develop new opportunities for service and education, develop and implement an internal recognition program, oversee the Education Sub-Circle and Book Circle
  7. Chair of Membership – Develop and implement Membership Recruitment and Retention strategy and budgets, maintain non-financial member information, oversee Membership, Hospitality, and Sunshine Sub-Circles
  8. Chair of Grants – Develop and implement Grant strategy and budget, communicate with applicants and grantees, oversee Grantee Liaisons and Collective Grant, Impact Grant, and Endowment Grant Sub-Circles
  9. Chair of Outreach – Develop and implement Outreach strategy and budget, maintain relationships with community leaders, civic groups, nonprofit organizations, and other giving circles/philanthropic groups, foster collaboration and partnerships

Ongoing Service Programs and Events

Bylaws and Principles of Governance

Read our Bylaws and our Principles of Governance.