Principles of Governance

Serve as a Team: Communicate with trust, candor, respect and honesty. Seek consensus and speak with one voice.

Be Mission Driven: Uphold the mission and goals, articulate a compelling vision, and ensure the congruence between decisions and core values.

Be Strategic: Allocate time to what matters most and continuously engage in strategic thinking to hone the Circle’s direction.

Be Openā€minded: Seek and explore new ideas, perspectives, and viewpoints. Engage in constructive debate, leading to sound and shared decision making.

Take a Holistic View: Balance the interests of the organization as a whole with the needs and interests of individual programs and members.

Create Transparency: Allow members to access appropriate and accurate information regarding finance, operations, and results.

Lead with Integrity: Do the right thing at all times under all circumstances. Establish standards and disciplines to support this.

Practice Good Stewardship: Strike a balance between bold vision and plans and the Circle’s resources. Be judicious with expenses.

Focus on Results: Regularly evaluate the Circle’s programs and alignment with the mission. Value standards of efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence.

Build a Solid Governance Structure: Invest in structures and practices that transcend individuals and thoughtfully adjust to changing circumstances.

Learn Continuously: Strive to improve, grow, and find new ways to achieve the Circle’s mission. Encourage creativity.

Plan for Future Sustainability: Energize through planned turnover, thoughtful recruitment, intentional cultivation of future officers, and inclusiveness of members.

Collaborate With Others: Leverage relationships to build community and maximize results. Avoid duplication of efforts.

Honor Core Values: Put a priority on service, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, high standards, and group leadership.