Kids’ Club

Kids' Club.

Since 2004, the dedicated volunteers of Kids’ Club visit the Embry Rucker Shelter in Reston twice a month and engage children (and their parents) in creative activities. It is difficult to show quantifiable results for a program like this. We have given quality, fun experiences to over 1,600 children, we have lightened the load of over 1,600 parents who were going through a very stressful period in their lives, and we have given a parent and a child a lighthearted moment to share. From our point of view, this is measure enough, especially since our members’ own lives are changed in the process.

""Some families are there for a few days; others stay for months. The children who recognize us greet us with jubilation (truly!) and tell the other children what to expect. I’m always struck by how nice the children are to each other, with older ones assuming responsibility for younger ones, even when they aren’t members of the same family.

~ Marybeth DiVincenzo, Kids’ Club lead volunteer

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""This is something lighthearted to look forward to, it lightens the load especially when tensions are high between families.

~ Shelter parent