See Our Impact

The impact of our collective giving is evident when looking at the long list of programs that the Giving Circle of HOPE has funded. See our Impact through Grants.

Community engagement through service is also close to our hearts. The Giving Circle of HOPE is engaged in the community through ongoing service programs and special projects that are member-initiated and led. We volunteer thousands of hours each year to improve the lives of our neighbors in need. New volunteers are always welcome! See our Impact through Service.

The Giving Circle of HOPE follows a do more than give approach to make our giving more effective. We are partners to the nonprofits, not just grant makers. We build relationships by creating connections between our members and nonprofits and by nourishing partnerships among nonprofits. We understand that not all giving is about money, so we work alongside our nonprofit partners sharing our own members’ expertise and knowledge to improve our communities. See our Impact through Connections.

The members of the Giving Circle of HOPE are informed, effective, and generous donors, but the impact of being part of the Giving Circle cannot be defined just by the effect that we have on the community. How we are personally changed by the work is a big part of what attracts members to the Circle. See our Impact through Membership in our members’ own words.