Through Membership

Grants Committee.An early 2000’s survey of giving circles found that membership in a giving circle increased overall philanthropic giving and led to broader board involvement with nonprofits. Membership also expanded their networks, caused them to learn more about their communities, and demystified philanthropy.

Just as described in the survey, membership in the Giving Circle of HOPE has changed our behaviors. It has also changed us as individuals.

We are more knowledgeable about needs.

We are more closely connected to people in the communities where we live.

We are inspired to lead others to engage in activities and efforts towards positive change.

We care more.

In our members’ own words:

Peggy Best.

The Giving Circle has shown me how we can share the fortunes of our lives with the whole community.
~ Peggy Best, member since 2007

Young Kim.

I appreciate the fact funds can be distributed to other organizations without continuous fundraising efforts by the GCH members. Members can volunteer for the activities of interest to us or even establish one of our own, which provides opportunities for creative solutions.
~ Young Kim, member since 2014

Sheila Hanz.

The Giving Circle of HOPE is a welcoming group that makes it a point to include all new members at all of their gatherings. You will never be a wallflower when you attend any event that this dedicated and mission-oriented group hosts. They don’t just want your money and time, they cherish you as a person.
~ Sheila Hanz, member since 2012

Linda Strup.

I feel like every skill and every experience that I had prepared me to do the work of the Giving Circle of HOPE.
~ Linda Strup, founding member

Jane Williams.

The Giving Circle of Hope has enabled me to help others find connections that can assist with their needs and/or support their passions.
~ Jane Williams, founding member

At a time in our lives when our worlds might have begun to shrink, the Giving Circle enriched us with new friendships and new experiences. It pushed us to learn new skills in the service of our community.
~ Rebecca Berntsen, member since 2006